Pilot Awards

The Singapore Sling
awarded on 2022-10-01 09:44:34
Get your F1 crews from Bangkok to Singapore in your favourite tubeliner.
The Mighty Murray
awarded on 2022-09-27 10:24:32
Fly all these legs along the Murray River and the award is yours! Enjoy this scenic tour everyone as you make your way across the top of Victoria.
Redux Leg 1
awarded on 2022-09-19 09:45:38
Fly Uluru to Alice Springs then Alice Springs to Mt Isa to earn the Redux Leg 1 Award
DC6 Legends Europe
awarded on 2022-09-13 09:36:33
Get the F1 equipment over to Milan and grab your first DC6 European Legends Award
Get Red
awarded on 2022-09-12 15:20:27
Fly Uluru to Alice Springs return and you've had a great look at Australia's Red Centre.
RFDS Stock Em Up!
awarded on 2022-09-05 13:47:24
Mackay to Cairns then back again for re-stock! Important you get this done in the next week otherwise the boss is gonna start asking questions.
The MS32 F1 Tour - ZANDVOORT
awarded on 2022-09-04 18:45:13
Get to Leeds, grab the parts then get to Zandy!
F1 SPA 2022
awarded on 2022-08-30 14:32:34
Complete our F1 Tour Flight to SPA and you get this cool award! Enjoy!
MV Pioneer
awarded on 2022-08-09 12:48:46
This is your first flight for Massive Virtual from Luebeck to Rotterdam - you'll earn the "MV Pioneer" Award when you complete this flight.