Our Awards

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F1 Austin Get to Austin and get it done. It's F1 race weekend.
Indiana Jones Part 1 Part 1 of the Indian Jones location tour has two legs. OJMF to DTTZ then onwards to LXGB.
Rising Sun Let's get passengers and crew to Chubu for this week's F1 Grand Prix!
The Singapore Sling Get your F1 crews from Bangkok to Singapore in your favourite tubeliner.
The Big Apple It's time to go wheels up as you make your way to NYC from LA.
The Mighty Murray Fly all these legs along the Murray River and the award is yours! Enjoy this scenic tour everyone as you make your way across the top of Victoria.
Redux Leg 1 Fly Uluru to Alice Springs then Alice Springs to Mt Isa to earn the Redux Leg 1 Award
Get Red Fly Uluru to Alice Springs return and you've had a great look at Australia's Red Centre.
The Long Haul Part 1 Perth Grab your plane of choice and make the long haul from Brisbane to Perth.
DC6 Legends Europe Get the F1 equipment over to Milan and grab your first DC6 European Legends Award
RFDS Stock Em Up! Mackay to Cairns then back again for re-stock! Important you get this done in the next week otherwise the boss is gonna start asking questions.
The MS32 F1 Tour - ZANDVOORT Get to Leeds, grab the parts then get to Zandy!
F1 SPA 2022 Complete our F1 Tour Flight to SPA and you get this cool award! Enjoy!
One Proud Canuck Aspen to Castlegar - Complete this flight and nail the approach! Once done, you'll receive the "One Proud Canuck" award - good luck!!
I Survived Greece Complete the two legs of our Saturday Greece Flight and this is what you get!
MV Pioneer This is your first flight for Massive Virtual from Luebeck to Rotterdam - you'll earn the "MV Pioneer" Award when you complete this flight.